Why Smart Women Beat Men Winning at Blackjack

Why Smart Women Beat Men Winning at Blackjack

Why Women Only?

The current state of blackjack is in a period of change. Casinos are afraid of and are looking for Advantage Players – blackjack card counters who can take advantage of those instances that favor the player. The movie “21” has sparked renewed interest in Card Counting and now is the best time to learn what works and what does not.

After years of observation, I have come to the conclusion that women have a distinct advantage over men in the game of blackjack. Here are just five reasons why this is.

  1. Women are better multi-taskers than men. A good Advantage Player (AP) has to handle a variety of actions simultaneously.
  2. Women are better actors than men. Being an AP requires disguising your skills, acting dumb, charming the other players and the casino personnel to allow you to get by.
  3. Women can sense unwanted attention better than men. A good AP knows when she is being noticed by the pit bosses and can change her style of play accordingly.
  4. Women have better intuition than men. Women know the tempo of the game and how it changes with each hand. They can also sense other players “doing their thing” and following their gut.
  5. Women have a better “math” brain than men. Even though many people claim to play the game differently than men, when it comes to mathematical skills, men and women equivalent. It’s why many APs choose not to play blackjack, because they know they’ll probably lose.

If you agree with the above, you’re cool with being a card counter, poker player, blackjack player, or AP. Just remember that most people lose money at these games and will never get ahead in the long run. If you agrees with the card counting argument, you’re ready to move onto the next question.

How to Beat the House Advantage?

  1. Casinos increase the house advantage over the player by shuffling the shoe of cards. Playing blackjack online prolongs the length of time you have to wait for cards because the shuffler never gets used.
  2. Card counting can be extremely difficult. An intelligent, behind the scenes, card counter will lose money if they try to keep up with the accurate shuffler timing.
  3. Women are statistically less likely to card count than men. Card counting is generallyackedup by being a man.
  4. Merging is the best bet on blackjack. Also called ‘ soak-out,” Merging is when you split your cards earnings equally between your two hands.
  5. Boys are statisticallymore likely to get blackjack hands than girls.
  6. The final step…or the turn…is when the dealer changes the rules at the last card table. Ensure you don’t forgets toAT MEMO(in the original blackjack) or you’re welcome to the casino again!

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